Essential Phone is now growing in Android market and this is due to decent specifications both in hardware and software areas. I plan to buy this phone in the future. Yes I mean it, because of the smartphone has been in the topic for the last months on the Android related blogs and has received many praises for its quality.

How To Unlock Bootloader Of Essential Phone

And since then I give my attention to it, I also made a dedicated page telling people about download Android Oreo for Essential Phone recently. And if you own that phone you should visit the page to install the latest Android version. And now I am sharing about the steps to unlock bootloader of Essential Phone for you.

The benefit of unlocking bootloader

If you want to bless your Essential Phone with non stock software, such as flashing a custom ROM or recovery then you are required to firstly unlock your phone’s bootloader. This is a requirement you can not ignore. Because if the bootloader is locked then your phone — through bootloader — will activate only the stock operating system, and refuse other OS or software that is not stock.

In overall bootloader is like an On or Off button for verifying program to boot when your phone is powering on. If it’s set to locked then it only verifies the official or stock ROM / recovery when. But if you turned it off — unlocked it — then you have disabled the verification to which your phone can start with custom ROM or recovery.

If your phone’s bootloader is unlocked then the custom ROM or recovery you have installed can boot. Since you have fully understood the benefit of unlocking Essential Phone bootloader then let’s get into the full instructions.

How to unlock bootloader of Essential Phone

  • A Windows computer — Sorry Mac users this page is not for you.
  • Have ADB and Fastboot — If you don’t have it on your computer then you can visit our how to install ADB and FastBoot on Windows PC. (It is recommended to use Minimal ADB Driver from that page).
  • A USB drivers — Do not forget to also install USB Drivers too.
  • Data cable —  You will also need USB data cable to connect your device to PC.
  • Charge your battery — Before performing this guide it’s wise to firstly charge your device’s battery.
  • Enable USB Debugging — You will need to enable your phone’s USB Debugging Mode too beforehand.

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements then please to proceed to the instructions now.

Instructions to unlock Essential Phone’s bootloader

Step 1. Now power off your Essential Phone then boot into the FastBoot mode. Don’t know how to do it? Just press and hold Volume Up (+)  and Power together. Your device will display Fastboot as indication that you have successfully entering that mode.


You can also use this method. Firstly connect your phone to computer then utilize the following command.

adb reboot bootloader

└ Choose to accept when you are requested to authorize USB Debugging.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 2. You can now open ADB folder from your computer then shift +  right-click inside the folder to choose command prompt — select Open Command Prompt.

 └ After you have finished installing ADB driver to your computer then the ADB file will be created and stored on your computer.

Open Command Prompt Here

Step 3. You can now connect your phone to computer using USB data cable then execute the following command on the command prompt window.

adb devices
adb devices

(The command you just entered is to verify your device connection including the serial number, if you see your phone there, that means your phone is connected successfully, in that case you can proceed to the step 4.

Step 4. Now you can use the command below to unlock your phone’s bootloader.

fastboot flashing unlock
Successfully Unlock Essential Phone Bootloader

(Remember, all your data will be erased) You will need to confirm this on yoursmartphone too)

Step 5. Once done and you have seen the result like on the above image, then you need to reboot your phone now using the command.

fastboot reboot
Fastboot reboot

Great job guys because you have successfully followed all the steps to unlock bootloader of your Essential Phone. If you have any questions regarding this tutorial just write your comments on the provided section.

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