If you own ZTE Blade G2 smartphone then you can root it without using a computer. And of course the process will be more simple compared using a computer.

We will use Framaroot as the rooting tool to deliver root access for your ZTE Blade G2 smartphone. Once your device is fully rooted then you can install root apps and tweaks that will improve the fun using your device. And if you are ready then we can begin.

How To Root ZTE Blade G2

Disclaimer. Root is not approved by most of Android device manufactures. So the immediate result by rooting is the lost of your device’s warranty. So all the risks are yours to bear.

How to root ZTE Blade G2 without computer

Step 1 — Download Framaroot apk, after that install it on your smartphone.

Install Framaroot

Step 2 —¬†Once the installation is complete, then open Framaroot app.

How To Root Android With Framaroot Without PC

Step 3 —¬†Choose the Install SuperSU option on the Select An Action To Execute After Root. Then choose the exploit from the list to root your Android. I recommend choosing Boromir, if fail, then choose another like Faramir, Barahir and other names from Lord of the Rings characters.

Step 4 — If the rooting process is successful then you will find the notification like on the picture just click or tap on OK then reboot your Android smartphone or tablet.

Success Root Android Framaroot

Well done guys all.

How to unroot Android using Framaroot?

If you want to unroot your device in the future after it’s rooted, then process is quite simple, just open Framaroot then choose Unroot and then tap on OK and this will unroot your device. Or you can simply download ZTE firmware.

Unroot Android With Framaroot
That’s it. You have successfully followed all the needed steps to root Android with Framaroot without computer. If you have any questions in mind. Then reveal them on the comment area. I will do the best I can to assist you. And tell your friends about this tutorial, who knows they might need it.


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