How To Root Android With TowelRoot

Are you looking the full instructions on how to root Android with TowelRoot my friends? If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place.

How To Root Android With TowelRoot

All the needed steps to root Android using TowelRoot are elaborated on this post for all to follow easily. TowelRoot is the one-click root utility that is offering the easiest possible root experience for us.

The procedures we need to undergo to root using TowelRoot is just simply downloading the apk file, install it, open the app afterward, then Make It Ra1n is the name of the button to start the rooting processes. The developer has made it as simple as possible.

But I must remind you one thing that rooting your Android smartphones and tablets will effect on losing your warranty. Your device manufacturer is probably having a strict policy regarding root. They regard you have unload your device. So keep that in mind. Let’s do it.


  • Make necessary backups before proceeding to root guides.
  • Charge your Android smartphones and tablets’s battery if its power is not sufficient.
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option first. Do so by going to Settings -> Security -> Find and then tick the Unknown Sources option there.Enable Unknown Sources Android
  • Follow every steps of rooting Android with TowelRoot without skipping any of them.

How to root Android using TowelRoot

Step1 — Download TowelRoot apk using your Android smartphones and tablets.

Step 2 — After that install the apk (tr.apk) file to your device.

Install TR.APK TowelRoot Android

Step 3 — If you get a warning by your device just ignore, instead tap on Install -> Install Anyway.
Warning Install TowelRoot On Android
Step 4 — Once the TowelRoot is fully installed you can now Open the TowelRoot.

Open TowelRoot Android
Step 5 — On the TowelRoot interface just choose the Make It Ra1n white button to start the rooting processes.

Make It Ra1n Root Android With TowelRoot
Step 6 — If you get the Thank you for using TowelRoot that means the rooting processes were successful and your device is rooted.

If you don’t get that message that means it failed. You should try another apps.

Well done my friends now your Android smartphones and tablets have root access that means you can enjoy everything that’s impossible on unrooted device guys.

That’s the whole steps to root Android with TowelRoot. If you have any questions regarding the tutorials please do not be hesitate to reveal your questions on the provided comment area and I will do my best to respond your as fast possible.

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