Download TowelRoot APK (All Versions)

Download TowelRoot apk. If you are looking for the quick and simple way to root your Android smartphone and tablet. Then I suggest you to use TowelRoot. It’s the single-click rooting process that offering to root Android without a computer.

Download iRoot APK All Versions

TowelRoot has been with us for long enough and so far this tool has been managing to root so many Android smartphones and tablets from various manufactures. And the rooting procedures this tool is offering is so quick and simple, it takes only one-single click only, your device will be rooted.

Features of TowelRoot

1) Single-click rooting process. Using TowelRoot is amazingly simple, easy and fast. Once you have downloaded and installed the apk, then you can open it then start rooting your Android smartphones and tablets by simply tapping on the Make It Ra1n button then the rooting process will start.

2) Small size root apk. Doesnt’ take megabytes, it is only about 100KB in size however it works good to root your Android without computer.

3) Can root various Android smart device. TowelRoot is currently supporting Android versions started from Android 2.2 until Android 4.2.2 versions and also compatible with AT&T and Verizon networks based smartphones and tablets guys.

4) No need internet connection. Unlike other root tools, TowelRoot doesn’t take internet connection to run. No active internet connection is needed using TowelRoot. The time you need an internet is to flashing the SuperSU via Google Play Store because TowelRoot doesn’t flash the root manager automatically so you need to install SuperSU separately, on that time you need an internet connection.

Download Towelroot App (.apk) all versions

Download TOWELROOT_V3.apk – Newest Version.

Download TOWELROOT_V2.apk.

Download TOWELROOT_V1.apk.

Towelroot APK details.

  • Newest version. 3.0.
  • Package. com.geohot.towelroot.
  • APK size: 109 KB.
  • Supported Android OS version. 2.2 -> 4.2.2.
  • Supported DPIs. nodpi.

Read me

1) Unfortunately GeoHotz as the developer of this tool has ceased supporting this tool and therefore it doesn’t support Android version higher than 4.2.2.

2) In case you failed to root your Android smartphones and tablets using TowelRoot then you can use other tools such as 360 Root, Framaroot, KingRoot and iRoot.

3) TowelRoot is offering an easy way to root Android smartphones and tablets without computer.

4) Credits. TowelRoot rooting tool is created, developed, optimized and distributed by GeoHotz and therefore credits should be given to him.

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