Download RockChip Driver Assistant

Download RockChip Driver Assistant. Rockchip Driver Assistant (RK Driver Assistant) is a very handy tool that supports only Windows operating system. The ability this tool offers is make you able to install RockChip USB Driver on Windows OS based computer.

On this post you will be presented all the available versions of RockChip Driver Assistant for you to download and install on your Windows computer.

Features of RK Driver Assistant

  • Quick installation. This RockChip Driver Assistant tool is armed with Quick Installer to easily and quickly install USB Drivers of RockChip on Windows OS computer.
  • All RockChip devices are supported. Since the RockChip Driver Assistant is designed solely for RockChip Chipset therefore it supports all devices from the name. Precisely on these models; RK31 (RK3188), RK30 (RK3066), RK29 (RK2918).
  • All Windows versions are supported. Whatever Windows versions you are using now, RockChip Driver Assistant support them all.
  • Free software. RockChip Driver Assistant is a free software.

Download Rockchip Driver Assistant (All versions)

Download Rockchip_DriverAssitant_v4.4 – Newest version.

Download Rockchip_DriverAssitant_v4.3.

Important notes

Windows OS only software. Only download and install the RockChip Driver Assistant on Windows operating system based computer.

Supports all Android devices. RockChip Driver Assistant supports all Android devices — whether they are smartphones, tablets and feature phones — as long as they use RockChip Chipset.

Download and Install RockChip Driver Assistant to flash the stock ROM on your RockChip Chipset powered smartphones, tablets and feature phones.

Credits. RockChip Driver Assistant is created, optimized, developed and distributed by FuZhou RockChip Inclusion, therefore all credits should be given to the name.

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