Download QualComm SW Downloader Tool

Download QualComm SW Downloader Tool. On QualComm Chipset world, users are given with plenty of options to flash the official stock ROM and one of which is QualComm SW Downloader. This handy tool will help you in time of thinking to flash a firmware on your QualComm smartphones, tablets or even feature phone. The tool is armed with the needed features to make the firmware flashing procedures as easy as possible and above all to be successful.

Download QualComm SW Downloader Tool

And on this post you will be given with the available version of QualComm SW Downloader for your need. And remember that although this tool is only 10MB size but it has nearly all you need.

With flashing a firmware you can recover your device for any possible errors your device might experience now and will restore your device’s warranty too.

Download Qualcomm SW Downloader features

Various QualComm Chipset versions supported

The tool is compatible with the following QualComm Chipset versions such as; QSC1110, QSC6240, QSC6270, MSM7225, MSM7227A, MSM7625, MSM7627A, MSM8225, MSM8625, MSM8225, MSM8625, MSM8225Q, MSM8625Q.

Multiple NAV files restoration

You can restore more than one NAV files on your QualComm Chipset smartphone, tablet and feature phone. You can also be able to automatically backup the NAV file on your QualComm devices.

Ability to choose file to install

On the Settings Menu area, you will find number of options to choose to install files such as Android File, System File, Recovery File, Boot File, User Data File and also Cache File. In case you wish to install all the files / firmware just choose all options or if you want to install for example the Android File just choose the Android File option.

Additional features

There are additional yet needed features too such as Memory Dump, installing and restoring EFS file (This is the file that keeps your IMEI number, MEID number, configuration settings and Serial number) and ability to enable Log file for installing procedures.

Download Qualcomm SW Downloader

File name
Alternative Name Qualcomm SW Downloader 4.2
File size 10 MB
File type application/x-zip-compressed
File extension zip
Uploaded on Wed, 26 Apr 2017


Readme now.

[1] Windows OS only software. QualComm SW Downloader only supports Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 and Windows 10 on both x86 and x32 bit system. Therefore do not use this tool on Machintosh or Linux Operating System computer.

[2] How to Use. For that you can head to our dedicated page namely how to use QualComm SW Downloader Tool.

[3] Similar tools. You can also use QFIL Flash Tool, QCom Phone Download Tool and QComDloader Tool.

[4] Query. If you have any questions regarding this tool just reveal on the provided comment area and I will do my best to respond your queries.

[5] Credits. QualComm SW Downloader is made, developed, maintained, optimized and distributed by WaterWorld D12. Therefore all credits should be given to the name for providing this wonderful utility for public usage.

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