Download QComDloader Tool (All Versions)

If you own a Quaclomm Chipset smartphone or tablet, then you will likely need QComDloader Tool. Because this tool can help you to flash the firmware on your Qualcomm device.

If you download QComDloader tool then flashing firmware activity will be easy as this tool is designed as easy as possible to help Qualcomm chipset device users flashing the stock ROM or firmware. And of course you should have this tool on your computer.

And this post you will find all the available versions of QComDloader Tool for you to download. From the older versions to the newer versions of QComDloader Tool can be found on this page.Download Qcom Phone Download Tool (All Versions)

Features of QcomDloader Tool

Simple User Interface

Using QComDloader is so easy because the interface provided by this tool is so user friendly to which ease the users to run it. Just launch the tool then use all the provided buttons to your need. And everything is like one, two and three.

Flash Stock ROM Or Firmware

You can easily load the firmware using the load button provided on this tool, and then configure the settings after than you are ready to install the firmware simply with the Start button. On the download settings, you are required to fill your device’s Chipset number and then choose the type of flashing you want.

Advanced Settings

You can easily configure the Manufacture order, Chipset Number, Raw Program, Download Mode and eMMC Programmer before you load the firmware into QComDloader Tool.

Supports Qualcomm Chipset

QComDloader Tool only supports smartphone or tablet that’s powered with QualComm Chipset and the firmware you want to load must be compatible with this tool. So if your device’s not powered with QualComm then do not download QComDloader Tool.

Download QcomDloader Tool



Download (Latest Version).

Important notes!

[1] Supports Only. QComDloader is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (x32 and x64 bit). Do not use it on either Macintosh or Linux OS.

[2] How to Use. If you never used this tool before, then you are invited to learn it form the dedicated page which is how to use QComDloader Tool.

[3] Supports. QcomDLoader Tool only supports all the smartphones or tablets that is powered with Qualcomm Chipset, thus it won’t work Chipsets other than QualComm.

[4] Alternative Tools. There are other tools that work similar like this such as QFIL, Mi Flash Tool, QCom Download Tool, QCom SW Downloader Tool,  GNQC Tool, Qualfast Tool and eMMC DL Tool. So you are welcomed to use them also if you want to guys.

[5] Credits. QcomDLoader Tool is made, maintained, developed, optimized and distributed by the WingTech Shanghai. Therefore all the credits must be given to the name for making this tool available for free guys.

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