Download Qcom Phone Download Tool (All Versions)

Qcom Phone Download Tool. Flashing a stock ROM is probably a general activity for us, because we use to play with our device with tweaks, apps, and files that actually not being recommended by the manufactures to install. As the result, we are facing things like bootloop. In that case, flashing a stock ROM could fix the problem.

As the Qualcomm Chipset users, you can use the Qcom Phone Download Tool to install the official ROM to their device. The tool itself is versatile that can download multiple download type and platform. So I suggest you to download this software if you are thinking to re-flash the stock software.

But there is one bad news for Mac or Linux users because Qcom has not yet supported your operating system. So you may borrow your friend’s Windows OS PC.

Download Qcom Phone Download Tool (All Versions)

Features of Qcom Phone Download Tools

Supports Multiple Platform. Gionee Qcom Phone Download Tool makes you able to install stock ROM on various platforms such as 8×26 and 8974 platform very easy.

Supports Multiple Download Type. With this software you perform multiple download types such as Auto (default download type for most Qualcomm devices), Sahara and also Firehouse.

Supports nearly all variants of Qualcomm devices. You can flash stock ROM using this tool for nearly all Qualcomm chipset based devices guys.

Supports all Windows Operating Systems. Qcomm Phone Download Tools can be used on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Multiple Language too. You can use either Chinese or English language on its interface. Just click on the Drop Down button located on the top right corner of its interface.

Download Qcom Phone Download Tool (All Versions)

Download (V2.2.0.0) – Latest Version.

Download (V2.1.0.1)

Important points

Windows only software
. Remember that Qcom Phone Download Tools only support Windows Operating Systems. Neither Mac nor Linux is supported.

Firmware flashing software. Qcom Download Tool to be used to flash firmware or stock ROM on Qualcomm Chipset based devices. It is easy. You can now follow the steps to flash stock ROM on QualComm using QCOM Phone Download Tool.

Another tools that work the same. Aside this tool, you can also use QFIL Flash Tool, QComDloader Tool and QComm SW Downloader Tool.

Credits. Qcom Phone Download Tool is created, maintained, developed, guarded and distributed by Gionee Communication Equipment Co.Ltd, Shenzen. All credits should be given to the developers of the tool.

If you have any question about this tool, please to visit its official website from this page.

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