Download LG Flash Tool (All Versions)

Download LG Flash Tool (All Versions)
Download LG Flash Tools (All versions). If we have an Android powered smartphone and tablet, we are usually intrigued to add something the device doesn’t provide by default.

Because of that situation, we are forced to do things unofficial such as root our device, flashing custom ROM and custom recoveries in order to juggle our device to meet our lust of having a device that does more.

By doing those things, unfortunately we experience things we hate most such as soft-bricked or losing our device’s warranty. In that case we need to flash the stock ROM to bring back everything to its factory settings.

On the Android realm, many smartphones and tablets from various brands have a flashing tools whether they are released by the manufactures or by the third-party developers to manually re-flash our device with stock ROM. On Samsung Galaxy flagship for example, we have Odin and for MediaTek Chipset smartphones and tablets there is SP Flash Tool.

On LG, there is LG Flash Tool to do the job. LG Flash Tool is a very handy utility that will help you install the official stock ROM based on .KDZ and .TOT extension in order to restore your LG smartphone and tablet to its stock setting state.

LG Flash Tool can be used to install the official stock ROM on LG smartphones and tablets, whether to upgrade or to downgrade to the older version. If you own an LG device then having this useful tool is recommended for you.

Download LG Flash Tool (All versions)

On this post I have managed to collect all the available versions of LG Flash Tool for you. The LG Flash Tool is provided from the oldest to the newest versions for you and put them on a list.

And using LG Flash Tool doesn’t require you to login, because the two awesome men from XDA which are autoprime and ieatacid have managed to delivere the patched version for us, so login is not needed.

Download LG FlashTool;

Download LG Flash Tool 2014; LG Flash Tool

(In case you are unable to use LGFlashTool2014.exe on your Windows then you need to firstly install the Visual C++ Runtime Library | mirror).

Download LG FlashTool 2015;

Download LG FlashTool 2016;

Download LG FlashTool (patched);

Download LG FlashTool 2016 (patched);

Download MegaLock DLL; MegaLock.rar.





You also need to download LG USB Drivers to your computer before using the LG Flash Tool to install.

Features offered by LG Flash Tool

Here I have listed all the main features offered by LG Flash Tool for you to learn.

Portable software

This software is a portable one that you can simply run it to your computer and then connect your LG smartphone to it and LG Flash Tool will immediately identify your smartphones and tablets and close it once you are done with it guys.

There is a log

You can see and view the log for any possible errors and issues to which causing the problem and this is good to diagnose.

Supports various LG smartphones and tablets

The LG Flash Tool is designed to all LG smartphones and tablets. You can also connect more than one LG models and this smart tool will recognize them all and be sure you have installed the right USB drivers to your PC guys all.

There is LAN connection mode

This tool is also offering the ability to configure LAN network. This will prevent connecting directly to computer when LG Flash Tool is running. But it will connect it to one node and then use the other one guys.

Also learn on how to flash LG stock ROM.

That’s the whole information about download LG Flash Tool (All versions) you can download to your computer and if you have any questions then reveal them on the provided comment area and I will respond you the best I can friends.

And tell your friends about this post because who knows they might need this post and as always see you again on my next and upcoming post guys.

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