Download KingRoot Apk (Latest Version)

If you are thinking about rooting your Android without PC, then there are several names that can do the job, one of which is KingRoot app. This is an app that is solely built to bring root access for Android devices powered with Android 2.3 and newer.

KingRoot Studio is the name behind the successful of KingRoot. And they are keep updating their applications to make it better and better.

And if you are here searching to download KingRoot apk to root your device then you are the right place.

On this blog I have collected all the available versions of KingRoot apk to root Android without PC. So keep reading to download it.

KingRoot Application Features

Download KingRoot Apk (Latest Version)

1) One-Click Root

KingRoot is offering a very quick root process and it’s simply a one-click root only root utility. Just download KingRoot.Apk then install it, open the app then hit the Root button. After that your device is rooted, the process is quite simple.

2) Free Android App

You don’t need to spend even a single cent to download KingRoot apk, because it’s a free app, just download the version you wish then install it afterward root it.

3) Connectivity Not Required

You don’t need an active internet connection to root your device. After you downloaded the app to your device then you can immediately root your Android. That’s the big thing the KingRoot is offering.

4) No Data-Loss Process

Yes you read it right, no data will be lost using this awesome tool. All your personal data such as video, pictures, contacts, music, etc will not be affected during or after the rooting process with KingRoot.

So no need to worry about the data losing, however I still suggest you to firstly make backups before taking action. This is simply a precaution only.

Download KingRoot Application 5.2.2 (KingRoot.apk)

Remember. The newest version is in the lower part which is KingRoot v5.3.0.

Download Kingroot v5.0.2.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.0.3.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.0.4.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.0.5.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.0.6.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.1.0.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.1.2.apk.

Download Kingroot v5.2.0.apk.

Download KingRoot 5.2.1.apk.

Download KingRoot 5.2.2.apk.

Download KingRoot 5.3.0.apk – Latest version.

KingRoot App Information

  • Latest App Version: 5.3.0.
  • Package: com.kingroot.kinguser.
  • File Size: 20.27 MB.
  • Supporting: Android 2.3 or higher.
  • Supported DPIs: nodpi.
  • MD5: MD5: f45e8248fcba9d30808982747662d96d.

Important notes

1) The rooting process using KingRoot is quite simple just download, install then hit the root button and done your device is rooted.

2) You will loose your device’s warranty for rooting. As we know that root is not approved by most of device’s manufactures therefore you will void your warranty for doing it.

3) Ask me a question if you need any assistance on the provided comment area guys.

4) Alternative tools. You can also use other tools like 360 Root, FramarootTowelRoot and iRoot to root your Android without PC guys.

4) Don’t know how to use KingRoot APK? Then learn the full instructions on how to root Android with KingRoot APK.

5) You can replace KingUser with SuperUser.

6) Credits. KingRoot is made, optimized, developed and distributed by KingRoot Studio therefore all credits should be given to the name.

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