Download Framaroot APK (Latest Versions)

When you are thinking to root your Android without PC, Framaroot app should be the name on the list to try. Because this app is really designed and developed to obtain root access without the need of computer involvement. And it’s proven to be one of the few successful root apps on rooting activities.

Using Framaroot to root Android doesn’t require you to use either computer or laptop, because the entire rooting activities can be done directly from your Android smartphone or tablet.

If you are interested then you are welcomed to give this app a try and on this post I have managed to collected the available Framaroot APK versions.

Framaroot feature list

One click root.

It takes only one single click and the entire processes are so fast and doesn’t take much time, the successful rate is also high.

Many exploit to use

Framaroot provides us with various of exploit to root our Android device, the exploit names taken from character of Lord Of The Ring Movie such as Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Framarir, Farahir and so on, you can try the exploit one and another to find the one that works for you.

Easy to unroot.

With Framaroot you can easily unroot your rooted device and the process is quite simply, just open the Framaroot then find and tap the Unroot option to do the job and your device will be unrooted like it is before.

Download Framaroot apk (All new version)

Remember. The newest version of Framaroot is in the lower part which is v1.9.3.

Framaroot v1.4.1

Framaroot v1.4.2

Framaroot v1.4.3

Framaroot v1.5.0

Framaroot v1.5.1

Framaroot v1.5.2

Framaroot v1.5.3

Framaroot v1.6.0

Framaroot v1.6.1

Framaroot v1.7.0

Framaroot v1.7.1

Framaroot v1.8.0

Framaroot v1.8.1

Framaroot v1.9.0

Framaroot v1.9.1

Framaroot v1.9.2

Framaroot v1.9.3 – Latest version.

Important note

Supported Android version. Framaroot only supports to root Android 2.3 till Android 4.2.2 therefore if your Android version is not supported then do not use Framaroot.

For Android 4.3 till Android 5.1. For these versions you are recommended to use KingRoot application to root your Android.

How to use Framaroot. If you don’t know how to use this app, then I welcome you to visit our dedicated page namely how to root Android with Framaroot.

Alternative apps. Beside Framaroot, you can also try  360 RootKingRootTowelRoot and iRoot, and try one of them by yourself whether it will work for you guys.

Your warranty will be nullified guys. Root will void your device warranty therefore you need to know about it before rooting. But you can restore it by simply unroot your Android smartphone or Android tablet.

Credit. Framaroot is made, developed, optimized and distributed by Alephzain at XDA Developer.

If you have any questions about the topic let us know by write your queries on the provided comment area.

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