Download 360 Root APK (All Versions)

Download 360 Root apk (all versions). Root Android without PC is always easier and simpler, the process takes a few steps and ended with tap on the root button (or whatever the name). This is what the 360 Root is offering to us, a single click root ability to claim the root access from our device.

Download 360 Root APK All Versions

360 Root is famous enough among Android users and have been able to root Android 2.3 and newer versions so far. The successful rooting rate is also high. You should try it and download 360 Root apk and this post is providing you with all the available versions of the 360 Root app.

But keep in mind, there is a big chance you will loose your device’s warranty because of rooting. Because many manufacturers worldwide have a policy to void the warranty of rooted Android devices. Make sure you already know about this consequence because running to root.

Beside of warranty nullification, root can also — in the very small percentage — risk your device. The possible effects is bricked or bootloop. Again this is something you should know at first. Since you have been told with all the consequences then you are welcomed to download 360 Root apk from various versions. But beforehand I would like to invite you reading all the features offered by this tool. Let’s read.

Features of 360 Root app

1) Single click root.  If you are a fan of simplicity, then 360 Root app is for you. It is offering a single one click root ability to obtain the root access over your device’s core system. Just hit the Root button to start the fun.

2) User Interface that’s easy to figure out. No need a genius to figure out once seeing its interface because everything is designed to ease the users. Once you launch the app, you will instantly know what to do, the existence of Root button tells everything.

3) Can uninstall Pre-Installed app. Having the pre-installed apps can give some a nightmare because of they are useless and taking our space too much. 360 Root app can help you out on this matter. You can remove the unnecessary apps with this tool. I believe you agree if I say this is the second best features  — after rooting ability — this app is offering.

4) Locking Android gallery. You can lock your gallery using this app, the process is so easy. One more thing if your device has already have the lock app for gallery, you can simply uninstall it then use the 360 Root app.

5) Cache removal. Cache data can be deleted using this app. Well this is good way to increase your device’s performance by reducing the unnecessary files.

Now what? Let’s download 360 Root of course.

Download 360 Root app (APK) all versions

Here is the list of the available versions of 360 Root apps.

Download 360 Root v8.0.11 (Currently it is latest version)

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 6.87 MB.


Download 360 Root v8.0.0.0

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 6.38 MB.


Download 360 Root v7.4.6.5

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 5.44 MB.


Download 360 Root v7.4.6.2

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 5.38 MB.


Download 360 Root v7.4.5.7

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 5.78 MB.


Download 360 Root v7.4.3.7

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 5.66 MB.


Download 360 Root v7.4.3.3

APK File Name: 360 Root
APK File Size: 5.63 MB.


Important notes

I am expecting you read the points here.

  • Backup. Albeit the process of root using this app is pretty simple and safe, but will not kill your dog if you firstly make backups first. Just in case.
  • Alternative tools. In case you failed to root using 360 Root app. Then no worry there are still another apps you may try such as Framaroot, KingRoot, TowelRoot and iRoot. They are offering the single one click root ability too.
  • Request. If you don’t find the 360 Root app version you are seeking then you may request to the provided comment area.
  • Credits. 360 Root app is created, optimized, developed and distributed by 360 Security Center therefore all the credits should be given to the name for providing this handy root utility to us.

If you have any questions regarding the download 360 Root apk all versions then please to use the comment area to write your comment there.

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