How To Root Android Using iRoot With PC?

How To Root Android Using iRoot With PC?
Here you will be guided to root Android using iRoot with PC, those who are familiar with root activities are probably knowing iRoot for PC, the Chinese made tool that is previously named vRoot.

Obtaining a root privilege for some people is a must, if they are the kind of users who want more from their device, like I do.

If you are that kind of users then you are invited to taste iRoot for PC and root your Android based smartphone or device.

How to root Android Using iRoot With PC?

  • Charge your device battery power if it's not enough to perform the guides.
  • Make sure you are connected with internet, because iRoot needs the internet connection.
  • Please to temporarily disable your antivirus or other firewall on your PC, because these kind of software will interrupt iRoot from running.
  • Do not forget to enable USB debugging mode. 
  • Download iRoot for PC and install it now guys.
  • Your Windows OS must be ready to use.|
  • Enable USB debugging mode by going to Settings -> Developer Options -> Find and tap the USB Debugging Optionsbox.

Enable USB Debugging

Note. Google set the Developer Options is hidden by default. Therefore we need to firstly show the option to enable USB Debugging Mode. To do so just open Settings -> About -> Information -> Tap for 7 times the Build Number and you will see a notification informing that You are now developer. Back to Settings and you will find Developer Options on Settings.

Instructions to root Android with iRoot for PC

  1. Now connect your device to computer using a USB cable (Be sure USB debugging mode is already enabled guys).
    Connecting Android To iRoot PC
  2. Once your device's connected to PC, you need to open iRoot tool on your computer.
    Connecting Device To iRoot PC
  3. iRoot will try to detect your device.
    Root Android With iRoot PC
  4. If your device is detected by iRoot, then you can directly click the Root green button to begin the rooting process.
    How To Root Android Using iRoot For PC
  5. The root process will take sometimes, just wait guys, patiently.
    How To Root Android With iRoot PC
  6. If the root process is successful then your device will automtically reboot.
    Success In Root Android With iRoot
  7. Now you can see the KingUser app on your device home or other part meaning your device is already rooted guys.
Optional. You can use root checker app that can be downloaded and installed via Google Play Store to verify whether your device is root or not.

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