Download iRoot For PC

Download iRoot for PC. On this post I would like to share to your iRoot for computer, which is the root tool for Android that requires you to use a computer.

Download iRoot With PC

iRoot is made by Chinese developer, previously the tool was vRoot, but somehow it was changed to iRoot. Perhaps, i means international, who knows probably the developers want to ensure people that their root tool is for international consumption or the i mean I Root.

Well it doesn't matter what the i mean, as long as it does what we expect which is to get root privilege to our device. And make us as the super user, not a mere user, to cut out the boundaries set by manufacturers using our device.

iRoot for computer features list

Simple rooting process. iRoot will make the root process preetty easy, it takes a connection between your device to PC, then just click the green Root button.

Switch to recovery mode automatically. iRoot will automatically switch to recovery mode instead of normal mode to success the rooting process.

System cleaner application. You will be handed with a system cleaner to clean up your device from unnecessary files as the result your device will run faster.

Download iRoot for PC

You are invited to find the versions of iRoot you need.

Download iRoot

Version: iRoot
Size: 30.7MB.
Format: Zip.

 Download (Latest)

Download iRoot_1.8.7.20375

Version: iRoot_1.8.7.20375
Size: 29.3MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.7.20299

Version: iRoot_1.8.7.20299
Size: 28 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.6.20009

Version: iRoot_1.8.6.20009
Size: 22 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.6.19461

Version: iRoot_1.8.6.19461
Size: 17 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.8.5.15285

Version: iRoot_1.8.5.15285
Size: 18 MB.
Format: Zip.


Download iRoot_1.7.9.10454

Version: iRoot_1.7.9.10454
Size: 12 MB.
Format: Zip.


Read this guys.

[#] Windows only tool. iRoot can only run on Windows operating system computer.

[#] iRoot types. Those who don't have a computer can try the iRoot for Android (iRoot.apk).

{#} How to use it ?. Visit the how to root Android using iRoot with PC page.

{#} Credits. iRoot for computer is contributed by Shenzen ( Credits must be delivered to them.

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