How To Repair MediaTek IMEI Using MTKDroidTool

How to repair MediaTek IMEI using MTKDroidTool. Previously we shared about MTK Repair Tool namely MTKDroidTool that you can download to your computer and choose the version according your need. Now we are sharing to you the sequel post containing on how to use MTKDroidTool to repair your MediaTek device IMEI. If you are looking for that information then you can continue to the tutorials now.

The tutorial contains the following information.

How to write / repair MediaTek IMEI that lost or null after reflashing that usually happen because of the ROM we flashed contains the corrupted NVRAM file.

What you need before starting to repair your Mediatek IMEI
  • A rooted Mediatek device.
  • MTK Droid Root & Tools. Then download it from this page.
  • Your device's IMEI (See behind your Mediatek phone or tablet contains 15 digit number).
  • Your computer should already have ADB driver installed, I recommend use Universal ADB Driver that supports all types of MediaTeK. Download Best Android Driver free.

How to use MTK Droid Root & Tools (MTKDroidTool) to repair MediaTek IMEI

  1. You need to extract all the downloaded files then connect your Mediatek device to computer.
  2. Once your device's connected to PC, you need to open the MTK Droid Root & Tools (MTKDroidTool). Be sure the MTKDroidTool can detect your device like on the following image.
    Detect MediaTek Device To Repair MTK IMEI Repair Tool

    If your device is not detected that means you haven't used Android ADB driver as I recommended above.
  3. Once your device's information detected, you will see IMEI on the IMEI form is empty, that means you need to use this tool to bring back your lost IMEI. On the above image, you are recommended to ROOT your device by clicking the ROOT button to continue to the Shell access so the script can work.
  4. After you clicked ROOT button will show a window like this, then click Yes to continue.
    Root To Repair MTK IMEI
  5. The following is the rooted device that already has Root Shell Script Access.
    MediaTek IMEI Repair Tool MTKDroidTool
  6. After you have gotten the Root Shell Access, then click IMEI / NVRAM and a window like this will appear.
    Replace IMEI Mediatek
  7. Now what you need to do is placing IMEI that you got from the rear of your device, if your device has only one single IMEI then input it, but if your device has two IMEI input them all. Now you need to click the Replace IMEI button.
    Replace IMEI Mediatek
  8. And on the next window will need you to confirm that your IMEI will be replaced, all you need to do just click Yes.
    Mediatek IMEI Replaced With IMEI
  9. And a window will show up saying Changes will come into force after reset. Now you need to reboot your MediaTek device. You can check now by typing the code *#06# .
    Success Mediatek IMEI Repair Tool
  10. Now you can see your lost IMEI or Null is come back.

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