Download WriteCode IMEI Tool To Write IMEI On MediaTek

Download WriteCode IMEI Tool for those who wish to write or change IMEI on MediaTek / MTK device so easily. WriteCode IMEI Tool supports all kind of smart devices including smartphone, tablet and feature phone as long as their powered with MTK chipset.

Features offered by WriteCode IMEI Tool

Download WriteCode IMEI Tool To Write IMEI On MediaTek
Flash and write IMEI on MediaTek devices.

You can use WriteCode IMEI Tool on any MediaTek (MTK) chipset powered devices, whether they are smartphones, tablets or feature phones.


You can also flash dual IMEI into the same device, the device that is armed with dual SIM feature.

Write IMEI Without Database Files.

I believe this should be considered as the main feature of the tool because you don't need Database Files (AP DB) but it has the inbuilt AP DB Files. Therefore you can instantly install IMEI on your Mediatek device without the need of database files.

Additional Feature.

With this tool you can also write BSN Database, RF Database and also Read Calibre Database from your MediaTek device.


WriteCode IMEI Tool is a free tool for all to download and use.

Download WriteCode IMEI Tool

Download WriteCode_L1052_V1.3.6

File Name
Alternative Name WriteCode_L1052_V1.3.6.
File Size 5 MB.
File type application/x-zip-compressed.
File extension zip.
Compatible with Windows Computer.

Additional information guys.
  • Find out your IMEI number. To find out your IMEI number simply dial *#06# from your MediaTek (MTK) device.
  • Alternative tool you can use. If you want another option you can head to MTK IMEI Repair Tool (MTKDroidTool).
  • Credits. WriteCode IMEI Tool is created, maintained and developed by AGold Communication (Shanghai).

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