Root Lenovo A7000 With Or Without PC

Here is the tutorial to root Lenovo A7000 using iRoot. We provide to options for you to choose whether to root your device with or without computer. All will be discussed here.
Root Lenovo A7000

  • Charge your battery power if it's low.
  • A Windows and a USB cable in case you choose to root using PC.
  • Backup all the important data before beginning.
  • Enable your Lenovo USB debugging mode.
  • Follow all the instructions here without skipping anything.
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How to root Lenovo A7000 with or without PC

Root with PC.
  1. Download iRoot for PC
  2. Connect your device to PC using USB cable.
  3. Run iRoot.  And you need to click the Connect Device when iRoot ask for connection.
    Root Lenovo A7000 With Or Without PC
  4. iRoot will detect your device and it's detected then click the Root button to start.
    Root Lenovo A7000 With Or Without PC
  5. In just a few seconds only, you will find the notification that your device's rooted.
    Root Lenovo A7000 With Or Without PC
  6. Reboot your device.
Root without PC.
  1. Now download the iRoot apk file.
  2. Once it's downloaded then place it on your Lenovo A7000 storage.
  3. Then install the apk file and run it once it's installed.
  4. iRoot will try to identify your device then click Root now.
    Root Lenovo A7000 With Or Without PC
  5. The rooting process will begin.
  6. If the rooting is succeed you will see this interface.
    Root Lenovo A7000 With Or Without PC
  7. Reboot the device when it's done.
Now you can install SuperSU via Google Play Store.

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