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How To Create Database SQLite (CRUD SQLite Android)

Today is the tutorial to create inventory application for Android.

This app will be using SQLite database and MVC paradigm, so make sure you have understood them.
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Tutorial To Create Spinner (DropDown List) On Android

Today we are going to learn on how to create Spinner in Android. Spinner is one of the views that we see a lot almost in every Android application.

How To Create Android App Using Android Studio (Complete Guides)

How to create Android App using Android Studio (Complete Guides). Hi guys today I would like to share a tutorial on how to create Android app using Android Studio.

Surely you have fully aware that currently Android Studio had been ordained to be the most recommended IDE officially by Google to help users creating an Android app.

Download Universal ADB Driver (Latest Versions)

If you are searching a good USB driver to be used for connecting your Android device to computer, I suggest you to download Universal ADB Driver. The USB Driver is free to download. You can use to transfer data from your device to PC and vice versa.

I have managed to gather the latest versions of Universal ADB Driver for you to download.

As for the USB Driver only works for Windows Operating System based computer.

Download Universal ADB Driver
Download Universal ADB Driver v4.0
File Name; -- Latest version !
Size; 8.82 MB.
Supports; Windows Operating System.


Download Universal ADB Driver v3.0
File Name;
Size; 9.17 MB.
Supports; Windows Operating System.


Download Universal ADB Driver v2.0
File Name;
Size; 9.17 MB.
Supports; Windows Operating System.


Download CF-Auto-Root Models For Samsung Galaxy

If you are planning to root Samsung Galaxy with Odin flashing software then you are going to need CF-Auto-Root, this is the name of the most trusted and used root tool for various Samsung Galaxy flagships. And CF-Auto-Root is free tool. Guys.
And on this post I have managed to gather nearly all the available CF-Auto-Root models to be used for rooting Samsung Galaxy purpose.

I separate the usage of CF-Auto-Root for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets to make you use finding the tool you need.

Direct Download links of CF-Auto-Root for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tabletsBe sure you read the notes section below this article.
DOWNLOAD CF-Auto-Root Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (G928F)linkGalaxy S6 Edge (G925F)linkGalaxy S6 (G920F)linkGalaxy S5 Neo (G903F)linkGalaxy S5 (G900F)linkGalaxy Alpha (G850F)linkGalaxy S4 (I9505)link

Download iRoot Apk For Android

Download iRoot apk for Android that I share today to those who don't want to root their Android using a computer. Because not all of us have a computer or probably want to simpler, faster and easier rooting method.

Fortunately iRoot provides to options for us to choose, whether using a computer or without using a computer, the result will be the same.

And the iRoot developers have provided for us apk based files for number of iRoot they have released and I have managed to collect them.

iRoot for mobile feature list Simple clicks only root. Root using iRoot is pretty simple just tap the Root button then the rooting process will start instantly.

Directly through Android. You don't need a computer to root using iRoot because the process can be performed directly on your beloved Android smart device.

No data loss. The iRoot developers promise there is no data will be erased by this smart rooting tool guys.

It recommends additional apps. You will be recommended to install additional ap…

How To Root Android Using iRoot With PC?

Here you will be guided to root Android using iRoot with PC, those who are familiar with root activities are probably knowing iRoot for PC, the Chinese made tool that is previously named vRoot.

Obtaining a root privilege for some people is a must, if they are the kind of users who want more from their device, like I do.

If you are that kind of users then you are invited to taste iRoot for PC and root your Android based smartphone or device.
How to root Android Using iRoot With PC?Preconditions.
Charge your device battery power if it's not enough to perform the guides.Make sure you are connected with internet, because iRoot needs the internet connection.Please to temporarily disable your antivirus or other firewall on your PC, because these kind of software will interrupt iRoot from running.Do not forget to enable USB debugging mode. Download iRoot for PC and install it now guys.Your Windows OS must be ready to use.|Enable USB debugging mode by going to Settings -> Developer Opt…